Engines, Props & Fans

Here’s a chance to have a look at some of the engines and set-ups favoured by the top (and bottom!) carrier flyers round the world. This includes electric, glow, diesel, anything legitimate!

Just for starters, here’s a potent example of a glow ducted fan unit from Bob Kress models (formerly Axiflo). The RK740 was introduced right at the peak of GDF interest, and it managed to shoehorn a K&B 7.5 (.40) motor into a fan housing smaller than previous .09-sized units. With 23-24000 rpm and 2.3 bhp on tap, this is not a toy for the faint-hearted! I’m building a profile F4 Phantom for this little monster – should be fun! Click here for a look at the plan

The next on the list is the classic OS FP40, as recommended by ace European carrier flyer Jan Odeyn. Produced before the makers decided to “upgrade” their products by using plastic backplates and other cost-reducing tricks, it’s a real gem of an engine, very light but reliable and smooth. Only trouble iseems to be the mysterious “runaway” reported on some examples, with the revs increasing as the engine gets hot and the tank starts to empty until the motor siezes up or implodes. There are whole threads on the Barton and Stunthangar forums devoted to arguing why (and if!) it really happens, with remedies ranging from machining the ports to changing the needle-valve unit. Has it happened to you? Go tell us on the Crewroom page!

If you have a special or favourite engine for Carrier, or always use a certain prop or are considering electric flight, do get in touch on flyco@carrier-deck.com and share your passion!