Just – Another Deck?!

Joe Just’s Private Back Yard Deck!

Joe is one of the Carrier stalwarts in the USA, with lots of new ideas, many designs to his name, and a problem – difficulty getting to club meetings. He posted in the Crew Room a while back: “…being rather home bound I have turned my attention to the Internet and have decided to give a try at using a different deck. Just for the fun of it I am building, for my own use, a “raised” deck, much like those that all of you use in GB and Europe. Right now I have at least 7 profile Carrier ships that really need to be flown enough to test some new ideas I have also stumbled on…

Well, that sounded interesting, especially as Joe had decided to go for a UK-style raised deck with ramp and modest size to test his flying skills. I asked him to send us some pix, and here they are!

Along with the pix, Joe sent me an account of his project – he makes it very clear that this is work-in-progress, which will eventually result in a deck 18 feet by 5 feet with arrestor wires – and as light as a feather (sounds well worth waiting for)! So, over to Joe…

“I have just finished the first part of building a “raised deck” for myself.  I had several sheets of foam board left over from some foam wing cutting.  I decided that before I spent some more money I would test out how the parts of the deck could or should be designed.  The foam I used was 2×4 feet and two inches thick with commercial covering on both sides to protect the foam. As added insurance I thought I would also use some left over Monocote on the launching area of the deck to keep the deck fairly clean.  I’m not too sure if the attached pictures show how I joined the 5 parts together, but the method I used was to permanently glue and nail strips of material to the sides of the sheets and leaving part of the joining material extended so another block could fit into the previous one and be held in place with a few removable nails. I suppose all this is not clear (don’t worry, it is, Joe! – Ed).  The total length of the decks it is pictures is just a hair over 18″.  I did not build an arresting area, as the main purpose of the experiment was to give credence to my “Joining” method, which by the by works quite well!

Now that the method of joining works I intend to buy some wider foam blocks and build the same take off area with 5 foot widths. I may then build an arresting area as well, once I figure out how to run the wires through some sort of solid base. The deck is very light and all the parts including the 12 5 gallon buckets fits easily into our camping van.  I did buy 18 of the orange buckets and if all fails, I will use them as planters next Spring.

So, there is the story. Please take into consideration the weird thinking of a 76 year old with lots of time on his hands to just PLAY!”

Joe, that’s what it’s all about – guys (and girls) having some fun – (Just) go for it!