UK Hi-tech Portable Practice Deck?

Working for an aviation business is pretty useful when it comes to buying surplus equipment – I’ve bought everything from computers to carpet tiles from the Disposals Store; it’s a bit like a car-boot sale – you never know what’s going to be there! Last month I found a pile of Rola-trak plastic outdoor flooring modules. These had been used to park helicopters on, made up into three 2 Sq metre pads, one per wheel. to stop ten tons of expensive aircraft sinking into the mud at exhibitions. I bought the lot for £30 and have just reconfigured them into a length 5 metres by 1.25 metres (about 16 feet by 4.25 feet) including the down-slopes, so I think we have a good, portable USA-style ground-level practise landing deck here that I can take up to the model flying club in the back of the estate car – whoopee! There are plenty of holes to use for arrestor wire anchor mountings too. Take-off can be from a short length of plywood for the time being  (Carrier models don’t need much) until I can find some more Rola-Trak “Supa-Trak” units. (Thinks: I wonder if they make curved segments? If not, a little work with a jigsaw to make a segment shape would do the trick!)

Here’s what it looks like – no Carrier models in my lock-up garage, but my Smoothie give a good idea of scale (52 inch span)