The Black Hawk Squadron flies again…

Joe recently sent me some pictures of his latest twin – a Grumman “Skyrocket”.  It’s powered by two OS .15 CVA engines, controlled by two servo throttles worked via an R/C setup on 2.4ghz. It hasn’t flown yet, but it looks like an ideal prototype: unusual, colourful, and perfect for R/C throttle.

Joe tells me that the R/C handle is now being offered on Ebay by the manufacturer – a bit expensive at $100, but still a bargain for anyone wanting an alterative to the Brodak mechanical linkage or for a novice thinking about getting started in Carrier flying.

The details are:

“The Ultimate-U-Control System” : Mr.Saxtyon, 2800 Floyd Ave., No 35, Modesto, CA 95355. Tel#  209-551-1242

He continues: “I have been a fan of the “Skyrocket” since my youth.  It was a plane that was drawn and shown in the  “Blackhawk Squadron” comics. I have always wanted to build a Carrier model of this ship. I got a set of full bodied plans from an old (1948-49) Mechanic’s Illustrated mag and decided that I didn’t have the skill or time to build the full bodied Carrier plane as shown on the plan.

I took a look and got a feeling for the dimensions and away we went!  I cut the foam wing and covered it with sheet balsa, and the rest was simply “eyeballing”  the shapes and sizes to fit our Profile Carrier rules – I didn’t draw any plans but simply made templates for all the parts.

She weighs just over 3 pounds with externally-mounted controls and throttles operated using 2.4 R/C equipment. and took just over 14 weeks to complete. I’m really pleased with it and hopefully she will fly as good as she looks!”

Thanks for the brief Joe, congratulations on choosing a really cool model, and best wishes for that all-important first flight. I’m already wondering if Joe could be persuaded to make up a limited production run of these as kits, like he’s done with his excellent Wildcat – if he does, I’ll be first on the list!