Rammed-earth Carrier Deck design

The Rocky Mountain Aeromodelers Magazine has some good reading inside, and with Tony Livaudais a keen member and carrier flyer it wasn’t surprising to see that he’s proposing a permanent Carrier Deck at their flying site. Here’s the plan – it would work well at my local club (but a bit taller and narrower to meet the UK regulations) so I will be ‘raising’ it at the next club meeting – there’s a nice corner on our flying field that us C/L guys go play in so that’s the ideal spot.I did a little research on the weight of the earth needed – it was all in Wikipedia!

The plan was published in the Rocky Mountain club’s newsletter, aptly named “The Probable Cause – an incomplete wingover” – no mistaking the contents of that publication!



Notes for you budding civil engineers:

Rammed earth (according to Wikipedia) weighs in at about 100lb per cubic foot. With the dimensions given in the drawing above (45.66 ft x 8 ft x .66 ft) that equates to about 24077lb of earth – let’s call it 10.75 imperial tons. That’s not too bad really – if you could beg or borrow a digger or shovel loader (JCB, Caterpillar, or a Matbro like the lead-in picture) I reckon three or four guys could get it built in a day given sunshine, some pretty girls to wipe the sweat away and a couple of cases of beer – job done! Trouble is, you’d have a reciprocally-sized hole to fill in afterwards …maybe you could build in a water feature so that off-deck landings really do make a splash!