Airframe Innovations

…and now for something completely different…!

Here’s some pictures of some innovative, complex, unusual or just “plane” wacky ideas being used or in development by Carrier-Deck flyers.
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STAR WARS X-Wing fighter now eligible for Class 1??

Mike the Rookie writes:

When I saw this totally authentic picture I realised that I could legitimately claim Scale points in Class 1 for entering an X-Wing! So the search was on….

Flying at warp-speed into the alternative universe of e-Bay, I soon found what I needed:

This left only a power-pod to find, viz a throttle-able Cox 049


 Watch out guys, Jabba the Hutt is thinking of entering the Nats this year!


 Throttle-controlled Cox 0.49 Skyraider – the ultimate carrier-deck RTF!

I couldn’t resist putting this on the site. It appeared on eBay in early December 2012; I meant to bid but forgot, which really spoiled my day! Has anyone ever flown one in a competition? (It sold for about £90.00)

..and now for some slightly less radical innovations…

Different takes on Carrier-Deck aircraft

Japanese Carrier Complex Control System - Class 1 ?
Japanese Carrier Complex Control System – can anyone tell me what is going on here?!

Jan_Odeyn’s Electric-Power Tigercat (Click here for fullsize plan!)

Jan says: “Here some older photos of my Tigercat. I started using electro power around 1996 in basic stunt models. These were the times of heavy batteries and little thrust. I flew my Tigercat for the first time on the Peterborough competition. It was powered by 2  500 size electric motors. To throttle it  I only could cut the outer motor. It needed a strong arm to get away from the deck as demonstrated by Mr Crabtree. It was far from a good plane. I later tried to use  geared motors to improve on thrust with very little improvement. It became decoration in the building room. When brushless motors and Lipos becoming cheap I remotorised it. From first flight on I was impressed by the behaviour of the model. You can do even basic stunts with it. I managed some + 300 flights in a 1 B wind. Only problem is it is difficult to fly fast in 3B winds but will try to get rid of this in a new model”


Peter Tribe’s Electric-power Meteor – brilliant flyer (and pilot!)