Seamew 2009 by Gary Hull

Seamew profileHere’s a nice new take on an old favourite – Short’s Seamew ASW platform from the 1950s. Very nicely drawn in CAD by Gary, he sent me these words and pictures to go with the plan.

Over to you, Gary!

“I am sending an article for the British Seamew. It was published a few years ago. I think that with changes such as removing the slide and relocation of the bell-crank it would be a fairly docile aircraft and would fly very well. About three years ago I built a British Seamew for competition and it flew very well, on a calm day, although the slide and the out-thrust angles were severe. If it were built for the British rules with no slide, fixed or adjustable lead-outs I think that it could be a very stable platform and would do well in that configuration, but it would probably require a calm day to be enjoyable. I flew it in a high wind with a lot of turbulence and ended up breaking in two on the asphalt (it’s back together now!) Fellow fliers have remarked that (for UK flying) …moving the bell-crank up in front of the front spar would make it much more stable.  Good Luck and Take Care, Fly Safely. Gary”

Click the links below to download the plan and the decoration sheet, and thank you Gary for sharing your design with us!





photo 3 SEAMEW framed