Special – Models for sale (Trevor Tabor)


Andy asked me to add a one-off page as follows – he writes:

“Ex-Carrier flyer Trevor Tabor would be grateful for your attention for a moment!

To introduce him briefly, it was Trevor and his long-time friend Alan Morgan who were responsible for building our carrier HMS Incontinent! This deck is the smartest we have in the national fleet and as we’ve now been able to base it at Buckminster Lodge, courtesy of the BMFA, it has become THE contest deck we use annually at the Nats as well as the deck we’ll be using for the Carrier contests at all three major SAM35 events each year at Buckminster. Although Trevor and Alan flew Carrier for a number of years, Trevor now has to limit the distance he travels to contests, so he’s sadly had to stop flying Control Line Carrier (and Scale) and concentrate on Free Flight at his local site and nearby Old Warden. As Trevor now has an imminent downsizing house move, this requires the sale of a number surplus models, and although all but two are Free Flight types, Webmaster Mike May has very kindly allowed this ‘special’ advert.

Trevor’s models for sale are listed below, together with at least one photograph of each. As I have purchased both Control Line* and Free Flight models from Trevor myself, I can happily vouch for the following: a) they’re EXACTLY as he describes them, b) they’re VERY well built, and c) they’re ALWAYS priced to sell. In fact, Trevor arrived with a load of such models at last September’s Old Warden aeromodelling weekend, and most of them got sold en-route between him taking them out of his car and walking them over to the Trade Stand area, ie: in about 5 minutes! He then went on to win the SAM35 Rubber Bowden A Class and achieved 2nd place in the B Class with a couple of his other models!

If you’re interested in anything you see here, I strongly suggest that you contact Trevor on 01279 843148 or by email t.tabor123@btinternet.com to get a full description. Trevor will be delighted to provide any further details you require, and with absolutely no obligation. And if you ARE interested, I really DO suggest you don’t dither, since there are plenty of people out there who won’t!

* the now battle-worn-&-scarred** BCD Seamew I fly was once pristine, unbent and – Trevor’s! I love it!

** by me!!”


Control line 

  1. Mercury Mamba/DC Merlin. No undercarriage. £35

2. Part-built Flying Flea/New Arden .099 glow with factory tank. Plans & most parts & ribs to finish. £70

Rubber powered free flight

  1. Earl Stahl General Aircraft Skyfarer, well used. £15

4. Earl Stahl Blackburn Skua, will need trimming. £15

5. SE5a, 24″ span, well used. £15

6. Fokker D8, 26″ span, well used. £15

7. Eagle, 1936 Wakefield, unflown, will need trimming. £45

8. Guillows Pilatus PC6, well used. £20

9. Tutor, needs more trimming. £15

10. Skyleada Cadet, needs trimming. £10

11. VMC Pilot, unflown. £5

12. Veron Goblin, used. £10

Electric free flight

13. Very old Veron Spirit of St Louis, KPo1, Peterborough timer, very well used indeed. £5