So what is Control-Line Carrier-Deck flying?

Control-Line model flying has been around for over 70 years. It’s a half-way house between free flight (“chuck it and chance it”) and radio control. Control-line models are physically flown by the pilot, who uses a handle and a set of thin steel wires attached to the aeroplane to give control over the height at which the plane flies, and to limit its flight path to a circle (usually 60 feet in diameter).


Carrier-Deck is one of many different types of control-line flying. It’s one of the simplest to describe (flying a simulated mission from an aircraft carrier) but one of the most difficult to perfect…


This site has all the info you need to build a model of your own and enter competitions; have a look at the PLANS PAGE for something to build, and the 2017 CALENDAR for somewhere to fly.



The Niederkassel meeting in Germany looks as if it was great fun, especially as Carrier night flying was once again on the agenda! Robert Schulze, the organiser, apologised for not sending in the scoresheets for the night flying; this was because there was no moon, and therefore no way of seeing whether models had ditched or exceeded the thirty degree angle of attack!  He tells me that there will be a rule in future that all models must have a light on the hook and a light showing the 30° marker line…


As an example, here is a picture of his P51 which does actually have a light on the fuselage for the 30° marker, showing that it can be done: unfortunately however, as you can see a fellow flyer had still managed to destroy the outboard wing, so Robert decided to give the P51 a Viking funeral by using up some New Year’s Eve firecrackers – he mounted them on the model and ignited them in mid-air – the plane apparently went up ‘like a Roman Candle!’

19_nightcarrier with explosion power


Fame at last – Carrier flying makes the cover of the SAM35 Magazine!


Some of our readers might know that I write the Control-Line column ‘Wind in the Wires’ for the UK SAM35 monthly magazine “SAM Speaks”. Carrier doesn’t feature all that often as it’s seen by the majority of SAM members as a rather strange type of modern/ancient flying compared to their normal easily understood vintage stunt and team racing; however, I do fly the flag whenever I can.


However, I didn’t expect the editor to use this picture (courtesy of Zoe Quilter) for the magazine front cover this month; I did’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight of my Wildcat sat in the Leicester water-tank after over-shooting the deck, but they do say that any publicity is good publicity!





New! Niederkassel Results


New! Croydon Airport Results


New! Yorkshire 2017 Results


Recent! September 2017 Old Warden Results


Recent! De Peel Dutch Nationals




Carrier Meetings in 2018



I’ve already got the UK Old Warden provisional dates to add to the 2018 calendar, which I will do before the end of October.


If you know of any other dates do please send them to me so that we can start planning our weekends as soon as possible!





Nigel Cheffers-Heard’s excellent Carrier-Deck Video: The Original or The Flyco Remix for alternative audio experiences!




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