So what is Control-Line Carrier-Deck flying?

Control-Line model flying has been around for over 70 years. It’s a half-way house between free flight (“chuck it and chance it”) and radio control. Control-line models are physically flown by the pilot, who uses a handle and a set of thin steel wires attached to the aeroplane to give control over the height at which the plane flies, and to limit its flight path to a circle (usually 60 feet in diameter).


Carrier-Deck is one of many different types of control-line flying. It’s one of the simplest to describe (flying a simulated mission from an aircraft carrier) but one of the most difficult to perfect…


This site has all the info you need to build a model of your own and enter competitions; have a look at the PLANS PAGE for something to build, and the 2017 CALENDAR for somewhere to fly.


NEW! Leicester UK SCHNEIDER and BCD Meeting August 2017


Some of you may remember the pix I posted of the Consolidated kit I began back in December 2016 – it’s the Ryan Dark Shark, a turboprop+turbojet development of the Ryan Fireball. Although destined for life afloat as the Fireball’s replacement, in the end real jets killed the project and just the prototype was built, adapted from Fireball number 12.


I’ve been working on the kit for seven months, doing little else in terms of carrier. It’s been an absolute pig to build, but in the end it was finished a couple of weeks ago and, despite not making it to Old Warden (the throttle servo seized up and had to be dug out of the hollow log fuselage and replaced!) it had its first two flights today. and will be appearing at the Leicester meeting on 13th August.


It’s really smooth to fly, very fast with its Nelson 36, and should be suitable for BCD and Class 1. Unfortunately, it failed the compulsory noise test at the Leicester meeting on 13th August, so it’s now awaiting its first competitive outing at Old Warden in September!



Cleared for flight by the Quality Inspector…




…and airborne at last over the Chesil Model Flying Club site near Bridport, Dorset


W8&C = WAIT AND SEE? (but I just CAN’T wait any longer to know!)

Early last year, I was sworn to secrecy about this experimental model from the Continent on the grounds that it was still in development, but going to revolutionise BCD and virtually guarantee 300 plus points for its pilot (who shall remain anonymous!) on every flight. Clearly based upon a Grumman Tigercat, with electrical power (of course!) its main points of interest lie in the material used for its construction (moulded plastic?), that aggressively Jedelsky-esque single-surface wing, the wing leading-edge air intakes which could perhaps be used to divert the airflow of the motors under the wing at certain angles of attack, the adjustable rudder, and that massive barn-door of an elevator.
Did it ever fly? Has it competed? Is it a Carrier model at all? I have no further information, but for all I know it could be the result of some very advanced Photoshopping! Will someone spill the beans please?











 2017 UK NATS dates confirmed 26-28th August at BARKSTON HEATH!


 Calendar now includes three additional “Off Water” competitions run to Carrier rules – hosted by Leicester MAC


  Andy Housden’s Retrospective on Carrier Flying 2016




Nigel Cheffers-Heard’s excellent Carrier-Deck Video: The Original or The Flyco Remix for alternative audio experiences!




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