So what is Control-Line Carrier-Deck flying?

Control-Line model flying has been around for over 70 years. It’s a half-way house between free flight (“chuck it and chance it”) and radio control. Control-line models are physically flown by the pilot, who uses a handle and a set of thin steel wires attached to the aeroplane to give control over the height at which the plane flies, and to limit its flight path to a circle (usually 60 feet in diameter).

Carrier-Deck is one of many different types of control-line flying. It’s one of the simplest to describe (flying a simulated mission from an aircraft carrier) but one of the most difficult to perfect…

This site has all the info you need to build a model of your own and enter competitions; have a look at the PLANS PAGE for something to build, and the 2015 CALENDAR for somewhere to fly.





Max Uttien’s US Profile/Class 1 Bf109T with line slider


The second Messerschmitt prototype to emerge from Max’s workshop! He says: “The Class 1 is ready – at last! The main objective of this model is to gain experience with a 2.4 gHz electronic throttle and using a Class 1 line slider. The model is built pretty much to the design by US master Eric Conley, but without the angled wing and offset engine – these features will be used on the next version. The ribs are laser cut by Robert-Jan van Poppelen, which made the model a dream to assemble. Engine; ASP .28, weight; 1200 gms, first flight hopefully at the Herentals meeting.” I’m looking forward to progress reports!



Breaking News – More than 20 new plans now added to the library (thanks to Randy Snow and Eric Conley)




Here’s a real find by Jan Odeyn! Burt Rutan talking about flying C/L carrier-deck back in the day in the US…

(from 2m 45s)




2014 CARRIER-DECK.COM TROPHIESClick here for some a-ma-zing times!




US Master Eric Conley’s thoughts on setting up a Profile Carrier model via a weblink to “Flying Lines”



Nigel Cheffers-Heard’s excellent Carrier-Deck Video: The Original or The Flyco Remix for alternative audio experiences!


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