So what is Control-Line Carrier-Deck flying?

Control-Line model flying has been around for over 70 years. It’s a half-way house between free flight (“chuck it and chance it”) and radio control. Control-line models are physically flown by the pilot, who uses a handle and a set of thin steel wires attached to the aeroplane to give control over the height at which the plane flies, and to limit its flight path to a circle (usually 60 feet in diameter).


Carrier-Deck is one of many different types of control-line flying. It’s one of the simplest to describe (flying a simulated mission from an aircraft carrier) but one of the most difficult to perfect…


This site has all the info you need to build a model of your own and enter competitions; have a look at the PLANS PAGE for something to build, and the 2017 CALENDAR for somewhere to fly.



NEWEST! September 2017 Old Warden Results


NEWEST! De Peel Dutch Nationals


NEW! UK Nationals 2017 Results


NEW! NeiderKassel Meeting (Germany) dates: 14-15th October 2017


NEW! Leicester UK SCHNEIDER and BCD Meeting August 2017

(Just added: photo of the Webmaster’s Wildcat overshoot floating in the water at Leicester!)


 A New Event – Carrier Combat?!

It seemed inevitable – someone, somewhere would realise that just take-offs and landings are a bit too easy; why not have two planes in the circle having a dogfight in between the usual ups and downs of BCD? Well, it’s happened, between Jan and Robert, and here are the photographs of the contest and the aftermath – as you’ll see, Robert’s model came of worse, but was still able to fly!




You can see the trees through the hole in the starboard wing…



It was Jan’s fault, I swear!



Something to compare the damage with…



Proof that the hole is more than a foot wide



Is this taking Nigel Frith’s minimal structure ideas just a little too far?


 Robert adds:

Hello out off Control  … line pilots!

I’ll tell you the truth about the “glory hole” in the wing – on Saturday Jan and I flew BCD combat – some great action. First flight –  Jan cut my streamer but at the second attempt to cut he caught the thick string from the Streamer and lifted my tail and I flew into the ground, so I fitted a new propeller.

Now, on the second fight I was able to cut his streamer. Counter attack – Jan flies from below and hits the outer wing with the prop resulting in a large cloud of paper and balsa with a nice sound   :-)

I found that the P51 flies just as well with the hole, so a new wing-profile is born. Very stable at 30 °, only too slow at speed, but it still resulted in me getting a rating on Sunday – 201.3 points!




 Calendar now includes three additional “Off Water” competitions run to Carrier rules – hosted by Leicester MAC


  Andy Housden’s Retrospective on Carrier Flying 2016




Nigel Cheffers-Heard’s excellent Carrier-Deck Video: The Original or The Flyco Remix for alternative audio experiences!




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