CAD Plans by JM

Last updated 31/03/2023

Thanks to some sterling work by John Marsh, we now have a growing set of building plans for carrier models, all drawn or converted into ultra-accurate Computer Aided Design format. You can download these full-sized plans as PDF files, and then print them yourself using a ’tiling’ app (print on A4 sheets then tape them together) or take them to your local copy shop for a full-sized A0 printout.

If you’ve designed a model for which you’d like to see a plan drawn up in this way, (and don’t mind other pilots building from it to fly against you!) then Email John for a chat about what he needs and how to get that info to him.

To view a plan, please click the link in the ‘Aircraft’ column. Depending upon how your PC is set up, this will either display the PDF file for immediate action or send it to your ‘Downloads’ folder. Either route allows you to view, save or print it.

Aircraft Name Make UK Class Body Span Description Engine
Firebrand Blackburn BCD or Class 1 Full 38″ (96cm) WW2 Prototype Naval Interceptor
– too late for WW2
.25 – .40

Guardian (Sheet 1)

Guardian (Sheet 2)

Grumman BCD or Class 1 Full 39″ (99cm) US Fleet
protector and attack in WW2
.29 – .40
Hellcat (2.4Ghz throttle) Grumman BCD Profile 46
Top US naval
strike/Interceptor in WW2
.35 – .46
Hellcat (3-line throttle) Grumman BCD Profile 42″ Top US naval
.29 – 40
Mauler Martin BCD or Class 1 Full 35″ (90cm) US Navy attack
plane – too late for WW2

Seamew Sheet 1

Seamew Sheet 2

Shorts BCD Profile  44″ UK Naval fleet protection (Andy Housden) 29 – 46

 Wyvern Sheet 1

Wyvern Sheet 2

 Westland  BCD  Profile  36″ UK Naval strike fighter/bomber (Peter Tribe)  25 – 40 

Avenger Sheet 1

Avenger Sheet 2

Grumman BCD Profile  40″ US WW2 Torpedo Bomber   29-40

Corsair 2 Sheet 1

Corsair 2 Sheet 2

Vought BCD Profile  36″ US Vietnam-era Jet Fighter-bomber  19-35

Jill’ Sheet 1

Jill’ Sheet 2

Nakajima BCD Profile 41″ Japanese WW2 Torpedo-bomber 25-40