Fun Stuff!

Hello! This page replaces the previous “Reviews” section – instead, we’ve now got somewhere to highlight the off-deck happenings in Carrier when we’re not actually flying at competitions. It can be as wacky, newsy or technical as you like!

Another silly idea from the webmaster? Rocket-Assisted Take-Off!
Mike May puts his Housden Hellcat in harm’s way with a prototypical bolt-on rocket pack…
Flying over-seas the Odeyn way!
The birth and rapid demise of the good ship “Sandcastle”
Why the Rule-Book got updated back in 1995…
Jan Odeyn’s very special “Special”
Private Carrier Deck for the back-yard


The answer to ‘no deck’ syndrome – the Airfix “Flight Deck” game, sized for UK back gardens (with action video!)

Hobby King ME109(T) R/C Racer for BCD Conversion

Very butch glass-fibre/ply take on the classic German fighter –  looks as tough as old Panzers and ready for some heavy landings (mine has the scars to prove it!)
The Tannoy!
Announcements, ramblings, whatever!