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Carrier Deck Event Reports
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Last updated 12th May 2023
Date Country Venue Available Extras!
07-08 May 2023 UK Barton Bash Results
29-30 April 2023 Netherlands Ypenburg Karel Doorman Cup Results
15-16 April 2023 UK Buckminster Results Pix to follow soon!
15-16/10/2022 UK Buckminster (Nationals) Results
17-18/09/2022 UK Old Warden Festival of Flight Results
17-18/09/2022 Belgium Herentals Results
03-04/09/2022 UK Pontefract Yorkshire Results
03/09/2022 Netherlands Almere Results & Pix
29-30/07/2022 Germany Ronneburg Results & Pix
16-17/07/2022 Belgium Herentals Results
25-26/06.2022 Germany Schwalmtal Results & Pix
21-22/05/2022 Germany Hammersbach Results & Pix
07-08/05/2022 UK Buckminster Results
30/04-01/05/22 Holland Ypenburg – Dutch Nationals Results & Pix
14-15/05/2022 UK Barton Results
09-10’04/2022 UK Buckminster Results
17-18/09/2021 UK Old Warden (UK Nats) Results and pix
14-15/08/2021 Germany Karken Results & Pix
07-08/08/2021 UK Barton Results & Pix
30/07-01/08/2021 Germany Ronneburg Results
24-25/07/2021 UK Old Warden Results & Pix
10-11/07/2021 Belgium Herentals Results & Pix
26-27/06/2021 UK Buckminster Results & Pix
05-05/06/2021 Germany Karken Results Our first event report in 2021!
13/09/2020 Belgium Genk Results & Pix
29/08/2020 Germany Karken 2 Results
23/08/2020 Germany Karken Results plus words and a pic!
October 2019 UK Buckminster Results & Pix
21-22/09/2019 UK Old Warden Results
7-9/09/2019 UK Pontefract Results & Pix
24-26/08/2019 UK Barkston – BRITISH NATIONALS Results & Pix PHOTO ALBUM from Robert Schulze!
11/08/2019 Belgium Verviers/Pepinster Results & Pix
28/07/2019 UK Marlborough Results
18-19/07/2019 UK Barton MFC Results
13-14/07/2019 UK Old Warden Scale Event Results
06-07/07/2019 Belgium Herentals Results & Pix
29-30/06/2019 UK Teesside Results
22-23/06/2019 Germany Karken Results & Pix
15-16/06/2019 Germany Hammersbach Results & Pix
11-12/05/2019 UK Old Warden Mayfly Event Results & Pix
04-05/05/2019 Holland Ypenburg Results & Pix
28/04/2019 UK Leicester MAC Results
13/01/2019 All Andy Housden’s Carrier Review 2018!
13-14/10/2018 Germany Hammersbach Results & Pix
07/10/2018 UK Croydon Results & Pix Scale meeting also included
15-16/09/2018 Holland de Peel Results and Pix
08-09/09/2018 UK Yorkshire Results
25-26/08/2018 UK UK NATS (Barkston Heath) Results and Pix
11-12/08/2018 Belgium Pepinster Results and Pix
04-05/08/2018 Holland Grave-Escharen Results and Pix
21-22/07/2018 UK Old Warden Results
09/07/2018 UK Marlborough Results and Pix
07-08/07/2018 Belgium Herenthals Results and Pix
23-24/06/2018 Germany Schwalmtal Results and pix
19-20/05/2018 UK Barton Bash Results
12-13/05/2018 UK Old Warden Mayfly Results and Pix
05-06/05/2018 Holland Ypenberg Karel Doorman Cup Results and pix Includes link to more pix!
14-15/10/2017 Germany Niederkassel Results Includes link to pix!
08/10/2017 UK Croydon Airport Results
09-10/9/2017 UK Pontefract Yorkshire Results
23-24/09/2017 UK Old Warden Results & Placings Includes pix
09-10/09/2017 Holland De Peel (Dutch Nationals) Results
25-27/8/2017 UK UK Nationals Barkston Heath Results
13/08/2017 UK Leicester BCD & Schneider Event Report & Placings
22-23/07/2017 UK Old Warden Scale Weekend Report & Placings
1-2/07/2017 UK Tyneside Carrier Weekend Placings
20-21/05/2017 UK Barton Bash Placings
13-14/05/2017 UK Old Warden MayFly Placings
17-18/06/2017 Germany Karken Report & Placings Flickr Album link in the report
8-9/06/2017 Belgium Herentals Placings
30/04/2017 UK Damyns Hall Placings
 6-7/05/2017 Holland Ypenburg (Karel Doorman Cup) Report & Placings
25/12/2016 ALL Andy Housden 2016 Retrospective Report Summary of Carrier Flying in 2016!
09/10/2016 UK Croydon Report & Placings
24-25/09/2016 UK NATIONALS (Old Warden) Report & Placings
14/08/2016 UK Leicester Gala Report & Placings Drone video taken from above the waterplane tank!
30-31/07/2016 Belgium Verviers/Pepinster Report & Placings FLICKR Album
24-25/07/2016 UK Old Warden Scale Weekend Awaited
24-25/07/2016 Germany Schwalmthal Report & Placings
10/07/2016 UK Marlborough Flying Report
09-10/07/2016 Belgium Herenthals Report & Placings
04-05/06/2016 UK Barton Bash Flying Report
14-15/05/2016 UK Old Warden Mayfly Report & Placings
7-8/05/2016 Holland Ypenburg – Karel Doorman Cup Reports & Placings Youtube Video – Ypenburg 2016
24/04/2016 UK Damyns Hall Carrier & Scale Report & Placings
31/12/2015 ALL Andy Housden 2015 Retrospective Report Summary of Carrier in 2015!
11/10/2015 UK Three Kings Event, Croydon Report & Placings
3-4/10/2015 Germany Niederkassel / Rheidt, Report & Placings FLICKR Album
26-27/09/2015 UK Old Warden Vintage Meeting Report & Placings
12-13/09/2015 Holland Dutch Nationals, De Peel Report & Placings 
05-06/09/2015 UK Yorkshire Workshop Report & Placings
29-31/08/2015 UK BMFA UK Nationals Report & Placings
09/08/2015 UK Leicester Event Report & Placings
25-26/07/2015 UK Old Warden Scale Event Report & Placings
12/07/2015 UK Marlborough Report & Placings
04-05/07/2015 UK Tyneside Workshop Report & Placings
20-21/06/2015 Belgium Herentals Fly in Fun Event only – (no competition)
06-07/06/2015 Holland Karel Doorman Cup, Ypenburg Report & Placings Video and FLICKR Album
30-31/05/2015 Belgium Pepinster Fly-in  Report & Placings
16-17/05/2015 UK Old Warden Mayfly Reports & Placings
09-10/05/2015 UK Barton Bash Report & Placings
26/04/2015 UK Damyn’s Hall – Cosmo Aeromodelling Club C/L Comp Report & Placings
22/02/2015 ALL Andy Housden’s 2014 Retrospective Review Report
12/10/2014 GERMANY Heinsberg-Karken
27-28/09/2014 UK Old Warden Festival of Flight
Flight Details  Placings
27-28/09/2014 GERMANY Schwalmtal Carrier Meeting
Flight Details Placings 
14/09/2014 HOLLAND de Peel Carrier Meeting
Flight Details Placings
13-14/09/2014  UK Yorkshire Carrier Weekend Report Flight Details Placings
07/09/2014 UK Croydon Carrier & Scale Meeting
Flight Details Placings
27-29/08/2014 UK BMFA UK Nationals
 03/08/2014  UK Leicester Carrier & Scale Meeting 
Flight Details  Placings 
  19-20/07/2014  BELGIUM Pepinster Carrier meeting 
Flight Details  Placings 
 19-20/07/2014 UK  Old Warden Scale Weekend 
Flight Details  Placings
13/07/2014   UK Marlborough 
 Flight Details Placings
 05-06/07/2014  UK Tyneside Carrier Weekend 
 Flight Details Placings 
 17-18/05/2014 UK Barton Bash Report Flight Details Placings 
03-04/05/2014   UK Old Warden ModelAir Mayfly Event 
Flight Details  Placings 
13/04/2014   UK Damyns Hall Meeting 
Flight Details  Placings 
 31/12/2013  ALL 2013 Retrospective by Andy Housden
06/10/2013 UK Croydon Report (Flight Details /Placings on Report Page)
13-15/09/2013 Germany Neiderkassel Report (Flight Details /Placings on Report Page)
14-15/9/2013 UK Yorkshire Report Flight Details Placings  
08-09/9/2013 Netherlands De Peel Report Flight Details Placings  
07-08/9/2013 UK Old Warden Report Flight Details Placings  
 24-26/08/2013  UK BMFA Nationals Class 1 Report  Flight Details Placings    
24-26/08/2013 UK BMFA Nationals BCD Report Flight Details Placings  
04/08/2013 UK Leicester Report Flight Details Placings  
21-22/07/2013 UK Old Warden Report Flight Details Placings  
14/07/2013 UK Marlborough Report Flight Details Placings  
06-07/07/2013   UK Tyneside  Report  Flight Details Placings    
08-09/06/2013  UK Barkston Festival of Flight  Report   Flight Details  Placings   
01-02/06/2013 Netherlands Karel Dorman Cup Report (Flight Details /Placings on Report Page)  
25/05/2013 Netherlands Netherlands Nationals Report Flight Details Placings  
19th May 2013 UK Barton Bash Report Flight Details Placings
11-12/05/2013 UK Old Warden Report Flight Details Placings
21/04/2013 UK Damyns Airfield, Essex Report Flight Details Placings
27/10/2012 UK Yeovilton Model Show Report  
07/10/2012 UK Croydon Report (Flight Details /Placings on Report Page)  
16/09/2012 Netherlands Netherlands Nationals Report (Flight Details /Placings on Report Page)  
25-27/08/2012 UK BMFA Nationals Report BCD Flying Report BCD Placings
25-27/08/2012   UK BMFA Nationals  Report  Class 1 Flying Report Class 1 Placings