So what is Control-Line Carrier-Deck flying?

Control-Line model flying has been around for over 75 years. It’s a half-way house between free flight (“chuck it and chance it”) and radio control. Control-line models are physically flown by the pilot, who uses a handle and a set of thin steel wires attached to the aeroplane to give control over the height at which the plane flies, and to limit its flight path to a circle (usually 60 feet in diameter).


Carrier-Deck is one of many different types of control-line flying. It’s one of the simplest to describe (flying a simulated mission from an aircraft carrier) but one of the most difficult to perfect…


This site has all the info you need to build a model of your own and enter competitions; have a look at the PLANS PAGE for something to build, and check out the 2019 Calendar for somewhere to fly!




Andy Housden has just advised me that a BCD contest WILL be run at Buckminster Lodge this weekend on SUNDAY OCTOBER 18th ONLY – this will be your ONLY chance to fly in a UK carrier competition this year!


Apologies for the last-minute notice, but this unique Carrier contest could only be organised AFTER the latest Governmental Covid-19 restrictions became known on Monday evening last. Covid-19 measures will include:


  • Covid-PPE freely available: hand sanitiser, paper towels, antiseptic spray, nitrile gloves & facemasks
  • Maximum 6-person grouping as required by Governmental rules
  • Minimum of 2m social distancing shall apply even though outdoors
  • Normal pull-tests will be carried out, but with appropriate sanitisation
  • IC-powered models MUST use the deck stooge launcher. Pilot will start engine ON OWN then move clear of model, Launcher will take hold of model, release stooge and then provide a normal hand launch
  • Electric models that do not need holding by a Launcher prior to engine start shall operate normally
  • Circle Centre Marshal now replaced by 2 Circle Edge Marshals (CEM)
  • Models MUST have the 300 attitude line CLEARLY marked on BOTH sides for CEMs to be able to operate effectively


This event has been approved by Manny Williamson (BMFA site manager at Buckminster) and will be organised by Chris Howell and Andy.


A sunny day, a Carrier Deck and a competition – what could be better in these difficult times? A picture from the Genk meeting in September


Nigel Cheffers-Heard’s excellent Carrier-Deck Video: The Original or The Flyco Remix for alternative audio experiences!


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