Shore Leave

Hello! This page replaces the previous “Reviews” section – instead, we’ve now got somewhere to highlight the off-deck happenings in Carrier when we’re not actually flying at competitions. It can be as wacky, newsy or technical as you like! I’ve got some new-build stories to tell: both from the States, but with strong UK/Europe links in both. The reviews of the Hobby King Me109 and Bearcat, and the build of Joe Just’s Wildcat, are still here too as well as musings about 2.4Ghz and an Airfix feature – enjoy!

Another silly idea from the webmaster? Rocket-assisted Take-off!
Mike May puts his Housden Hellcat in harm’s way with a prototypical bolt-on  rocket pack…
Jan Odeyn’s latest project – with 5 engines?!
Jan’s Mystery Ship… 
Rocky Mountain Aeromodelers Rammed-Earth Deck project
Here’s an alternative to a wooden or  sand-dune deck if you’ve got the muscle or one of those things in the picture!
Joe Just’s 2.4ghz Grumman XF5F 
A new shape on the American Carrier-Deck scene – Skyrocket!  
Flying over-seas the Odeyn way!
The birth and rapid demise of the good ship “Sandcastle”
How the Rule-Book got updated in 1995…
Jan Odeyn’s very special “Special”
That Housden Hellcat re-discovered

Tony Livaudais’ take on the classic Andy Housden startup model – which he’s now flying in the USA!
Private Carrier for the back-yard (1)


Joe Just’s solution for the ideas-rich, time-poor flier – build your own full-sized deck for the back yard!
Private Carrier for the back-yard (2)


The UK’s answer to Joe’s challenge – the Airfix “Flight Deck” game, sized for UK back gardens (with action video!)
Private Carrier for the back-yard (3)
Another UK response to the need to fly Carrier in private! A “Rola-Trak” portable deck for £30.00…

Hobby King Bearcat R/C Sport Class 1 Conversion
Beautiful, if a little delicate, rendition of the Grumman Bearcat for electric flight, begging for carrier conversion

Hobby King ME109(T)  Racer for BCD Conversion

Very butch glass-fibre/ply take on the classic German fighter – unlike the Bearcat, looks as tough as old Panzers and ready for some heavy landings!
Joe Just Wildcat ARTF 
Foam/balsa/ply beginner’s Carrier model. Flies very sweetly and is a perfect first plane; won’t break any records but won’t break the bank either