2014 Season Retospective – Andy Housden

Dear All

This is primarily a letter to, formally, thank you all for your invaluable help with Carrier for this past 2014 season. In what is essentially our loosely-knit volunteer organisation where a person can freely choose to participate – or not – I am always worried that I don’t acknowledge the efforts of individuals enough. It is perhaps rather British to understate matters, but it is also (very) British to say “Thank You” – so I am!

andy_HWe undertake a massive amount of collective effort. Without all the officials at the Nationals performing contest direction, training and public relations, without the storage, transport and erection of decks for the various events, without the assistance with the contest direction and management of busy contests, without the help in packing up equipment at the end of contests, without the time spent often for the benefit of others – on design, construction and development of models and systems, and on answering the enquiries of spectators, without the creation and management of the web site and without the taking of the responsibility for the very negotiation, generation and operation of contests themselves, Carrier would simply not be able to exist. This happens because the individuals involved – you – choose to spend time for the collective good which they could otherwise use more usefully for themselves. It is to their credit that they –  that is you – do this.

I believe it this constitutes a team effort without parallel – even though it would probably be politically inadvisable to advertise this fact simply because it would underline how much better other Control Line disciplines could operate!

2014 has been one of the best seasons for many years. Our “showpiece” is always, of course, the Nationals, and for the third year in succession we were blessed with the vital make-or-break good weather, as well as with an entry level as high as previous years. Attendance at most of the other contests was measurably up, with the Old Warden events having the largest Carrier entries (for non-Nationals’ competitions) since I can remember. Although we had the usual mixed bag of weather, Carrier is notable for often flying in conditions that have the participants in many other C/L classes drinking tea in the shelter of their cars instead!

I am also particularly proud to be associated with a group of aeromodellers who are distinguished, amongst many other things, by their helpfulness and kindness, both to fellow Carrier flyers and to spectators. It is upon this that our future survival will largely be founded: if we make contests enjoyable for ourselves, we will continue to participate in them; if we make Carrier appear to others like the great fun that it is to ourselves, they will join us as new recruits.

A Happy Carrier New Year and 2015 Season to you all!

Best Wishes


I’d like to add sincere thanks to Andy on behalf of everyone involved in the gentle art of UK Carrier flying for his tireless promotion and facilitation of the event. Andy’s usually the first there and the last to go home, manages all the challenges that arise ain his role as Contest Director, and still finds time to chat with onlookers, organisers and contestants. Without him, Carrier would be a much-diminished sport!