Croydon 2016

Once again the weather gods smiled on the vintage tarmac at Croydon for the final Carrier Deck and Scale meeting of 2016 – nice sunshine and not much wind made for a pleasnt day attended by more fliers than usualĀ  from all ends of the country. Two circles were running, over grass for carrier and on the hard stuff for the scale models. I have to admit that most of my time was spent trying to get my oversized and overweight MiG15 to move under its own power, hence the fewer photos than usual and a complete lack of flight reporting. However, here’s a selection of the pix I do have, with the results at the end. You’ll see that both BCD and Class 1 were flown – maybe a good omen for the “senior” class, especially after its excellent support at the UK Nats


Andy fuels up “Old Faithful” – his long-lived and high scoring Seamew, ably assisted by Peter Tribe


A rather nice Chilton DW1 (scale) and Guardian (Carrier) from Gary Church


Peter Tribe’s unique Skyrocket – one of my favourite designs…


THAT Zero from Nigel Frith – still winning after shaking up BCD in spectacular style


Ray Ewart’s Firefly on short finals!


…and here’s the man himself!

And now, for fans of the jet era and John Philipps’ latest flying trousers…



Your webmaster’s MiG actually moves itself after the R/C ignition of two Estes D12-0 rockets from the handle – just got to get the ducted fan running at the same time now!

Many thanks to both John and Bob Philipps for their really outstanding help and support to me and Mrs Flyco (Jane!) throughout the season, and their lovely donation of Bob’s prize bottle of wine to Jane “for being the most long-suffering person at the meeting!” ( I think that means putting up with me!)



Basic Carrier Deck results