De Peel 2018

Hello all – here are the results from the de Peel meeting in Holland, courtesy of Robert, and some pix from Jan. Bart has made a lot of progress in taming his twin-engined ‘Beast’, and might even have won but for a poor landing. Jan also began a rather nice standing joke based upon Bart’s Picnic Fork that he left in Jan’s caravan – you’ll see some of the banter in the following pictures!

Tuning a Local Musical Instrument!

An interesting collection!



Bart’s Beast on the slow laps



Heavy Landing? Never mind, that will polish out nicely!


No-one knows why Bart’s fork was left in Jan’s loo…


…but it came in useful for keeping some undercarriage parts in place…


..and who could resist a toasted LiPo for supper!


…the Fork impressed a German Judge…


…and so it eventually flew back to it’s rightful owner!


Two young fliers made a good impession on their first attempts at Carrier – Bas Olijve notched up 180.7 points for 5th place, while Diego Holtermann-Garcia scored 138 for 6th place, both with Jan’s OS40-powered Guardian – well done chaps:


Bas catches the first two wires…

…while Diego heads for the deck for a good landing too!


It sounds as if Carrier is alive and well on the continent with some talented young fliers coming along nicely!