Karel Doorman Cup – Ypenburg 4-5 May

From the report, it seems that this meeting was held despite the weather!  Three plucky Brits braved the ferry and the conditions and did quite well, but Jan flew in his usual excellent way to take first place. Everyone agreed that the conditions made it difficult to fly, Saturday morning with hail, sometimes rain then sun and low clouds, with gusts up to 60 km/h and Sunday with gust around 45 km/h. There was strong air swirling through the trees and the competition sometimes looked like rodeo! In the slow part of the flight, it was barely possible to hold 30°, with the planes sometimes having the same speed as the tailwind!

A Happy Judge – Paul Riedbergen!


Andy goes for the Deck…


Andy flies Guardian!


Bert and Sander teamworking


Bert tuning the Beast



Bob Phillipp’s landing


Jan ‘disassembles’ his Tigercat…


Stephan lands…but then
Stephan Overshoots! (Is that model from a Joe Just Wildcat kit, Stephan?)



Mike Welch with his EDF Sea Vampire (performed well at Old Warden the following week)


This model was built the night before!


Robert gets ready…


…for take-off


Sander tests the ramp!